Davis Town Meeting House Society, Inc.

On November 23, 1780, Major Benjamin Tallmadge, under orders from Gen. G. Washington, first captured Fort St. George in Mastic and then, on his way back to the harbor at Old Mans (Mount Sinai), stopped in Coram to set ablaze 300 tons of hay meant to supply the British army. Join with the Davis Town Meeting House Society and the 3rd NY Regiment 1775 LI Companies on Saturday, October 10th as we reenact this historic event!

Program Preview:
9:00 am - Camps Are Open to The Public
Camp Activities: Troop Guard & Fatigue Detail; Kitchen/Fire/Cooking Demos & Suttlers (Vendors)
10:00 am - Parade to The Cemeteries
Benjamin Tallmadge Memorial (NYS 25 & 112); Old Baptist Cemetery (Old Middle Country Road); Elijah Davis Cemetery (Coram Mount Sinai Road)
11:15 am - Parade to The Camp
11:30 am - Camp Activities Will Resume
12:30 pm - Assemble for March Up to The Training Lot from The Davis Town Meeting House
12:45 pm - Parade to Training Lot - Loyalist Camp
1:00 pm - Dragoon Demonstration (Horse) at Training Lot
1:30 pm - VIP Ceremony at Training Lot - Public Officials Will Speak
2:00 pm - Battle - Raid on The Forage Depot (Hay Burning) at Training Lot
2:45 pm - Assemble for Return March to Camp
3:00 pm - Parade to Camp - Davis Town Meeting House
3:45 pm – “Interrogation of Goldsmith Davis” - Davis Town Meeting House
4:15 pm - Final Formation 
4:30PM - Event Closing



General Meeting - Oct 5, 2020
The next General Meeting of the Davis Town Meeting House Society, Inc. is scheduled to take place on Monday evening, Oct 5, 2020, at 7 pm at the Old Coram Schoolhouse.  All NYS social distancing regulations will be observed.  

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for a generous special Covid-19 grant to be used toward our operational expenses during the New York State on Pause executive order. 


May 23, 2020
Special Memorial Day Tribute!
On Saturday, May 23, the Davis Town Meeting House Society and the 3rd New York Regiment 1775 Long Island Companies honored our local Revolutionary War heroes Goldsmith Davis and Isaac Davis at the Davis Family Cemetery behind the historic Lester H. Davis House in Coram.